WattHub brings technology, speed, and transparency to the commercial solar industry. All wrapped with expertise and qualifications.


By creating an online Hub to renewables, we enhance free enterprise and enhance the deployment of renewable energy at the best value to customers. We developed a dynamic, online platform to allow users to list renewable energy companies and projects to the public. No company knows everyone, so we created a place where everyone can go to meet each other.

For each of the leadership team living in the solar industry for more than a decade each, we have played in every role of a solar transaction, from development to finance to O&M and everything in between. That’s why we know the process is broken. We see a constant churn of companies within our industry, all with different ways of transacting. We put our heads together and built a better mousetrap.

The WattHub Difference


WattHub brings transparency to the renewable energy marketplace and is the only true platform for exchange-of-information. There are other so-called “platforms” being marketed, however, a basic Wix website is not a platform. We built the Hub of Watts to ensure that each and every facet of a solar project connects you with the best of the best. Not everyone knows everyone, but we’re throwing a big online renewable energy party to help you transact faster and deploy easier.

Peace of Mind

Finding direct to source service companies without middle-men can significantly increase the chance of project success. We aim to give peace of mind to consumers and businesses by giving all options available.

Reliable, up to date information and real-time quotes. No other place in the industry can give that to you. It’s like a solar conference online 24/7. Find what you need.

Perfect Fit

With decades of commercial solar only experience, our trained team members will find the sweet spot of value for your project. We are relentless and don’t put solar where solar shouldn’t go. Our goal is to deploy as much clean energy as possible and that goes beyond just solar projects, into helping and training others. WattHub brings a long track record of doing the right thing even when challenges arise. We want your project to be successful and will find a way forward. If not, we’ll just be friends!

WattHub Statement of Qualifications

See a complete overview of WattHub's qualifications and references.

Need professional help?

Not psychologically, we can’t help you with that. However, we can help you with customer procurement, solar development, EPC work with our long list of dealer partners, and financing. We’ve successfully funded over $150,000,000 of solar transactions and have structured (and even owned) all types of projects. Our team of experts can take a solar project from A to Z, or from M – Z, whatever you need. Become a Channel Partner, and we’ll handle all of the grunt work and make sure you’re paid handsomely for your projects.

Proving True Value

No other company can say they’ll reverse auction the installation AND cost of capital. These two independent bid processes also satisfy procurement guidelines. Now that’s providing true value for the customer.