Design & Proposals

We aren’t just putting numbers down on a piece of paper, our Company stands behind our proposals to be your best bang for your buck.

Using industry leading commercial solar utility analytic software, we offer unmatched accuracy in design and proposals for our customers. What makes a truly great solar proposal is having accuracy on solar savings and a design that is constructible and priced accurately. Our team has decades of experience building commercial solar systems, which is why we know local codes and adhere to designs that meet building requirements.

Develop Winning Proposals

Having designed and developed over 5000 unique commercial solar proposals, our team is in tune with providing value and accuracy. Knowing how to price projects in all markets is what makes us a great partner. Mispricing projects lead to unhappy customers and canceled deals.

Submit Your First Project

To get started on a design and proposal, we need customer utility information and a few other details which are located in a document called the “Perfect Packet”. All information shall be submitted through your “My WattHub” page to start the commercial solar design and proposal.