First off we want to thank you for your partnership over the last 10 years we’ve been working together! The municipal commercial solar system for the Town of Payson, Arizona is operating wonderfully and we appreciate the service you’ve provided over its 9 year operating history, keeping the solar system performing optimally. We own and operate multiple systems that were built by multiple contractors and the WattHub/SunRenu systems are performing the best. I went back and looked at the original production forecast that was stated 9 years ago, and the production is within 18 kWh’s of estimated production since placed in service! That is remarkable. This is a testament to your performance and ability to maintain the systems in a timely manner.

Doug Rogers

First Technology Capital

Watthub has absolutely been a game changing partner for our company as we expand our commercial solar business. The team is the best and beyond responsive. By providing detailed designs and cost analysis, they can connect us to world class financing and investors, accurate pricing that allows us to win deals we would have lost, recommendations on equipment, engineering, regulations, permitting, inspections and proposal presentation strategy. They offer unique financing solutions that are unmatched in the industry and patented technologies to include in an offering to clients beyond just Solar that blocks out the competition.

Mike Smith

The team at WattHub is professional and is always in communication. I was looking to invest in a commercial solar project and the WattHub team walked us through the process, showed us the numbers, and explained what to look out for in an ownership position. They were up front about the pro’s and con’s and what is involved for me to do long term. They made me feel comfortable and confident in investing in solar.


Private Investor

Thanks for the outreach of resi referrals and possibly a great solar business relationship!

Fred Blake Spa

Watt hub did an amazing job at our install. Would highly recommend!

Jake Hansen

Watthub was able to do what no other company could, install solar without upgrading our electrical gear or using a line-side tap. We have an old church building which presented some challenges but Watthub was able to work them all out. Customer service was excellent and they have followed several times after the install to ensure everything was functioning properly. We have saved thousands off of our electric bill in only 9 months of solar production!

Crosspointe Life Church