Watthub Total Project Stats

  • Total Current Projects: 75
  • Total kW Generated: 33339kW
  • Total Project Value: $38,726,490

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The new, simple way to offer your services on vetted commercial solar projects. Easily find the projects that are in your sweet spot and let the world know what you can do. Automatic emails on projects in your serviceable areas drive down soft costs of customer acquisition and marketing. 

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The WattHub directory contains thousands of industry Pro’s to connect with for your project or service request. Quickly find a local installer, financing company, or use our customer link to have WattHub professionally design your project and use the reverse auction technology to know you’re getting the best deal. 

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Professional Services

Not sure what system or technology is right for you? Perfect, we have a team of experts to help guide you to the right solution. If you know what you would like, and just need a little help with design, energy modeling, engineering, or management, our green concierge is available for assistance. 

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Create a Project Financing Contest

You’ve heard before, when banks compete, you win. That is true for solar projects as well! Use the WattHub bid room to list your project for financing. Let banks and financial institutions provide the lowest financing rate for your project. Low financing = more savings. List your project today! 

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