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Consumer Services

Search for reputable and rated Companies for all types of renewable energy. Residential and Commercial service companies are waiting to bid on your project. Our exchange is a great way to save you money, and WattHub promotes healthy competition for your benefit. Try our solar calculator to get an range of cost, or let the green concierge manage obtaining the best price. In the end, you save time and money.

B2B Services

We have the largest database of Companies and Professionals geo located for easy searching. Finding complimentary companies to make your project successful, couldn’t be faster. Need a Contractor, PPA Company, or Lender? Dial in your search and start communicating today. New competitive companies are sprouting up daily and they all use WattHub.

Quotes Made Simple

Whether you are an industry service provider or a consumer. Our green concierge provides preliminary design and development services. Create a project and post to the bid room for multiple quotes. The WattHub team can also assist and post to the bid room free of charge. Feel free to let us filter through the crap for you, our team is trained to flag inexperience. We’ll deliver quotes in a clear, one page format with multiple bids, commercial or residential.

Project Financing

Project finance is the single most bottleneck in the renewable energy industry. WattHub has the largest database of PPA Companies, Leasing Companies, and Lenders to provide financing for your project. The WattHub exchange is built around making your projects successful and to stop wasting your time with financiers that can’t perform. Funding awaits.

Professional Services

Renewable energy projects get grants. Companies need grant writers. Our green concierge also provides feasibility studies and renewable energy appraisals. Looking to see a equity increase in your home or business? Get a professional valuation from the experts. Click here for more information

Lead Generation

Consumers are 30% more inclined to view a complete profile on WattHub. Your services are geo located as well as your posted projects. The more dots on the map you have makes it easier for you to be found by new customers. Want a higher level of project inquiries? Try WattHub Partner level membership that helps drive traffic to your front door.

RFP Services

Running an RFP for solar or any renewable energy is a full time job. When it comes to schools and municipalities, resources are spread very thin. Our green concierge team has experience and a great track record to help facilitate the process and deliver results. Using our services allows State laws to be met, as well as an expert on the proposal review team. We have the qualified channel partner to ensure you get the best value. Contact us today for a free estimate.

List an Asset

Looking to sell an operational solar or wind asset? Our exchange provides listing services for you to sell your project for top dollar. Whether you are a large portfolio company or a small investor, list or search operational assets on WattHub. Your trusted source for buying and selling renewable energy income properties. Looking for valuation services? Our green concierge can help with that. Contact us to find out more.