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  • Total Current Projects: 247
  • Total kW Generated: 278168kW
  • Total Project Value: $1,222,878,050
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Solar Calculator

Indicative PPA Rate: 0
Annual "C-PACE" Payment: 0
Cumulative Benefit in first 5 years: 0
Disclaimer: This PPA pricing is based on market PPA rates including a number of tax equity return parameters. The PPA output numbers are indicative and subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of WattHub and our financing partners. All actual PPA rates are subject to a full project and customer credit analysis. Please contact us for more information or alternative quotes. C-PACE Annual Payment and Cumulative Benefit are indicative and based on a number of inputs - not all of which are collected in the above form. Cumulative benefit may include Utility savings, net of expenses (PACE payment, O&M, tax) plus estimated tax benefits. Pricing and project qualification requirements subject to change at the sole discretion of CleanFund Commercial PACE Capital, Inc. Actual CleanFund C-PACE pricing and project eligibility subject to a complete project underwriting analysis. CleanFund’s C-PACE financing not currently available in all geographies or for all property types and uses.