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  • Total Current Projects: 247
  • Total kW Generated: 278168kW
  • Total Project Value: $1,222,878,050
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How it Works

The Only True Exchange Platform

Solar transactions are not easy and every Company has their own process. There is a new renewable energy sheriff in town and we’re here to simplify the process.

List Projects

The only true exchange by which you can sign up, list projects in need of financing, installation, modules, inverters, engineering, or any combination of needs. You’ll set a listing timeline and receive bids from qualified companies. Kind of like eBay and Lending Tree had a renewable energy baby. See a bid you like? Award the project electronically and start the contractual agreements. Need more information from a bidder? Our messaging system is real-time and will notify them that you reached out. Don’t worry, you’ll also be able to see the WattHub star rating to know if the bidder is quality.

Bid on Projects

Our bid room is blazing the trail of how to streamline success! Scroll through dozens of real, vetted projects to bid on. We ensure that all of our posted transactions have the pertinent information so you aren’t combing through crap. The projects that are posted have enough information for potential bidders to send initial pricing, and are listed from lowest to highest price, so put your best foot forward! You will have the ability to revise your bid before the reverse auction closes. Happy hunting!

The Cheapest isn’t always the Best –
WattHub fields dozens of bids on projects daily and having combed through thousands since inception of the platform, we often receive comments from small companies saying “I was the lowest bidder, why didn’t I win?” There are times that the lowest bidder gets awarded, and more times than not, its on equipment. The lowest bidder on EPC is more complicated. We highly encourage all Community Members to thoroughly vet the company that is bidding. This may include a Statement of Qualifications (“SOQ”), and also provide like-kind references. Time in business and % of residential to commercial is also a must when getting to know a bidder. There are quite a few Companies that are mainly in the residential space, however do some commercial projects here and there. The WattHub team has some of the highest levels of experience in the commercial solar sector, with a niche in small/medium commercial, and when we see a bid that is too low, that is also a red flag to us. Most listing companies want to know that there is a certain level of experience in building commercial systems and if that can’t be proven (one way or another) it doesn’t bode well for the bidder. WattHub is a connection platform, but the lowest isn’t always the best in many cases of projects looking for EPC. Its all about value at the end of the day, and WattHub is here to ensure the highest quality installation that makes your company look stellar.

Be Found

By creating a profile, you’ll be showcased into the largest renewable energy directory in the US. Your services will be found by not only other businesses, but by new customers too. Be part of our WattHub Pro Community. Also, be sure to personalize your profile so it stands out, and most importantly, verify your service territory (where you do business) to receive notifications of projects listed in your backyard. 

Bid Room

Did I mention we have a Bid Room with reverse auction technology? This proprietary technology built around the concept of free enterprise. We are confident you’ll not only receive the lowest bids for installation, but also the lowest financing rates for your customers. It’s the one-two punch that sounds so good to customers. What does this mean for you? You choose the need (financing, installation, modules, etc) and our technology notifies responding companies within their service territory to receive fast, competitive quotes. You no longer have to worry about knowing everyone in the industry, we did that for you.

PPA Quotes

Most of our WattHub Pro’s are Contractors that are looking for financing. We were built on clean connectivity. Our tax equity partners and bidders offer PPA’s, prepaid financing, Operating Leases, Capital Leases, and Loans for your projects. If we don’t have the financing you’re looking for, it doesn’t exist. You will also have access to a SOLAR PPA CALCULATOR free of charge to get real-time, no obligation indicative PPA quotes without having to go through the brain damage of letting another company dictate what you’re going to make. We get it, that’s why we built it.

Credit Underwriting for C&I (commercial and industrial)

When looking for third-party financing for your commercial solar customers the first thing you do is check credit. If you don’t know the credit, then how do you know where to get financing? We solved the problem. WattHub has partnered with Moody’s to underwrite your customer and is included in the “Gold” subscription package. Knowing your customer's credit will save you time and money. No more spending years on trying to fund a long-shot commercial solar deal. Let WattHub do the heavy lifting and ensure that your projects are credit-worthy for financing.