Wind Energy Production in the Midwest Versus U.S. as a Whole

While the Midwest wasn’t the first on the scene, in the last few years, it has surpassed the coastal regions in terms of cumulative wind energy production. What do these added resources mean for the future of wind energy production across the states, and what will other regions do to keep up?

Growing up in the Midwest in the late 90s and into the 2000s, wind energy was a bit of a novelty – almost a pipe dream. Today, turbines line the skyline across hundreds of rural communities. In its early stages, nearly all of the units were produced on behalf of very large companies, but in recent years private investors are getting on board on a much smaller, but still very profitable scale.

The idea that you can put up a wind turbine of your own and use it to run your farm isn’t anything new – our grandparents were doing it decades ago! But the return of this idea to the Midwest is what I believe has been able to push the Midwest wind energy production beyond that of the others who have been at it for much longer.

While many are reaping the benefits of this clean energy, others are upset because the once wide open spaces of the midwest have been cluttered and littered with “unsightly” wind turbines. In my mind, the benefits certainly outweigh the costs, but what do you think – is the private investment a worth-while venture? Do the turbines really create an eye-sore? Let us know your thoughts!

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