Top 10 ways solar energy can be roadblocked

While solar energy has been on a roll the past decade, there still is a long way to go withe the roadblocked solar industry. We have compiled the top 10 ways solar energy can be derailed sooner than later.

  1. Elimination of net metering through local utilities
  2. Not allowing renewable energy income to count as “real property”
  3. Stability of manufacturing in China
  4. Continuance of big solar companies filing for bankruptcy
  5. No urgency for States to adopt a RPS
  6. State initiated red tape (Nevada)
  7. Dangling local incentives that are more trouble than they are worth
  8. Keeping MLP’s to only allow natural resources
  9. Expiration of the 30% ITC in 2016
  10. Oil at $40 barrel

Did we miss any potential roadblocks to growth in the solar energy industry? Drop us a comment and we’ll add them to this list. Don’t agree with our list?

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