Renewable Energy Asset Appraisals

Looking to find out what your renewable energy asset is worth? Looking to find out how much equity your system adds to your home or building? Look no further.

Our experienced team of income property and clean energy valuation analysts can appraise your system. Commercial, residential, and Utility scale assets.

WattHub understands that banks look at renewable energy equipment as low value collateral, however as we understand solar and renewable energy, its income approach, and comparables, clean energy equipment has inherent value.

Banks and Lenders

Most lending institutions would enjoy lending on renewable energy equipment, however they don’t have the most up to date information to show its correct risk mitigation. With a WH appraisal, our database of comparable assets, both pre construction and operational projects, we can correctly calculate a value to lend against.

Risk mitigation techniques:

  • Income approach appraisal
  • Comparable assets
  • Estimated equity value (both owned and leased systems)
  • Pre construction installation value (EPC estimates)
  • Major equipment functional life valuation, brand specific
  • Rating scale of equipment warranty
  • Market value of operational income properties and portfolios
  • Production analysis, based on age and warranted lifespan

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Real Estate Investors

Why would you enter into a purchase agreement with clean energy systems without knowing what its worth?

The WattHub appraisal team has in depth experience with traditional real estate appraisals. Combined with more than 30 years of all sectors of renewable energy, our formal reports can satisfy bank and lenders requirements.

Our appraisal can value:

  • Equipment valuation, brand, age, warranty
  • Income approach
  • Comparables
  • Developmental and pre construction installation valuation
  • Production analysis, based on age of system, and warranted output

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WattHub welcomes the opportunity to team up with existing Appraisal firms on renewable energy assets. Our team can help build the foundation of information needed for you to complete your appraisal valuation.

Real Estate transactions in the US are on the rise, and with the increased adoption of clean energy, specifically solar energy, there is some overlap. Our team of experts of renewable energy are happy to work with you on appraisals, and we are excited to build our channel partners for local information sharing.

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True. Real. Value

We are an independent valuation source for all your asset appraisal needs. We strive to report the most up to date information to include current interest rates, market conditions, and brand quality.

Being  in all aspects of development, engineering, construction, and maintenance, we can accurately identify value and quality workmanship.

Appraisals don’t always have to be post construction projects. Are you looking for project finance? Let WattHub show you how your project sizes up to today’s investor requirements. Submit basic project information and be sent a free financing analysis showing you potential IRR rates and where current investors need to be. The financing analysis includes:

  • Current project internal rate of return (“IRR”)
  • What IRR current financing companies are funding at
  • Your project financability rating system (1 – 5 stars)
  • If applicable, options to make your project look better to investors and financing companies.

When you win, we win. Fill out the details below and we’ll send you a custom project report:

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