Castro County Irrigated Wind-Energy Farm

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Project Price: 3755700
Project Size (kW): 900
Placed In Service: No

Castro County Irrigated Wind-Energy FarmState: TexasRegion: Panhandle County: Castro Property Type: Wind-Energy Farm & Irrigated FarmlandAcres: 1,391 acres more or less Price: $2,700.00 per acreTaxes: Approximately $8,810.00Location: 10 miles NW of Dimmitt A wind-energy easement agreement in favor of Orion Wind Resources LLC (Orion) exists for the purpose of allowing Orion to construct and operate wind turbines on this property. Nine 2.3mgw turbines are scheduled to be erected in 2016. The easement is for a minimum of 30 years with the option of two 10-year extensions. The easement payment will be $1.30 per megawatt-hour of electricity generated for the first 20 years increasing to $1.60 per megawatt-hour after 20 years. A minimum annual payment of $4500 per megawatt of nameplate capacity ($10,350 per turbine) is guaranteed for the first 20 years and will then increase to $6,000 per megawatt-hour of nameplate capacity. All payments will be adjusted annually for inflation. This farm has 5 center-pivot sprinkler irrigation systems that water approximately 998 acres. The north sprinkler is a 2006 Zimmatic nozzled for 900 gpm that waters 3