Donald Trump vs Warren Buffett Solar Prediction

Just a couple years ago in 2012, Donald Trump was quoted in an interview with Fox News saying “Solar, as you know, hasn’t caught on because, I mean, a solar panel takes 32 years — it’s a 32-year payback. Who wants a 32-year payback? The fact is, the technology is not there yet.”

Trump, never one to hold back his thoughts on any topic much less a financial theme about energy would have been better off siding with Warren Buffett on this particular subject. As electricity prices increase and the price of solar energy decreases it appears that Buffet guessed right again because the exact same year Donald Trump bet against renewable energy, Warren Buffett entered the renewable energy market as part of the Berkshire Hathaway Renewable Energy’s expansion, a primary subsidiary – MidAmerican Renewables.

Since then Donald Trump has concentrated on keeping wind farms away from his golf courses and spearheading his presidential campaign while Warren Buffett has focused on building his vast empire of successful investments including his high profiled portfolio of renewable energy assets. Only time can tell whether an investment will prove to be profitable however, looking at the other investors within an investment pool can also be a good indicator.

Who do you side with?  The Donald or Warren B?

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