All Solar Roads Don’t Lead To Las Vegas

What was Governor Sandoval thinking when he supported NV Energy’s decision to not lift the cap of net metering in Las Vegas, Reno, and anywhere Nevada. You see, the renewable energy fight is not against fossil fuels, it’s against Utility companies. Renewable energy and fossil fuel energy go together like spaghetti and meatballs in order to provide stable energy to America at all hours of the day and night. Besides some renewable energy is less expensive to produce than fossil fuels, so that battle isn’t our focus. Utility companies are being what they set out to be and doing everything they can to control the grid, instead of adapt to it.

Leaving Las Vegas

Everyone in solar energy has the ability to pivot. Companies like SolarCity and SunRun have closed their offices in Nevada (Las Vegas, Reno) which eliminated close to 1,000 jobs. Those companies will open up new markets and pivot accordingly to continue providing clean energy and making money. Utility companies have nowhere to go and do not have the ability to adapt and pivot. In most jurisdictions, the grid is owned by the State, however managed by the grid. The grid charges are built into the rate payers monthly bills, however they still continue to fight against net metering. Rate payers pay to have the grid managed by the Utility company at whatever cost they decide to charge. If they decide to let 13 guys stand around while one works (vs 4) they just raise rates. If the executives want to make huge bonuses because the company is limited on profit %, they do that at their discretion.

Renewable energy deployment and job growth is at an all-time high and that scares the Utility companies. They are bottlenecking the industry so that they can control the energy going out and the funds coming in. In Arizona, the largest Utility company saw that less than 1% of residential customers went solar. At an average solar offset of 80%, utilities are relinquishing approximately .5% revenue from those solar customers. What do they do? They still a grid management fee to customers that equates to 5-10% of monthly bills. Doesn’t seem fair.

So in summary, the Nevada, Las Vegas, and Reno solar markets are in shambles and it will take the State to step in and issue a more aggressive plan for renewable energy to the Utilities. If that doesn’t take place it will be a mass exodus of renewable energy jobs in that State, which has already started. Pivoting is key and there is a solution to every problem. We can all be friends.

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